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Arnica Wellness

Relieve soreness and pain
Improve range of motion
Reduce stress


Our Goal

At Arnica Wellness our goal is to be your partner in attaining sustainable freedom from pain through massage and acupuncture.

We are an exceptional team of RMTs and Acupuncturists with specialized training in pain and injury recovery. We are passionate about helping you. We aim to provide compassionate care and to empower you to manage your own pain by understanding your body. In exchange, we ask for open and honest communication. Together, we will reach your goals.


Deep Tissue Massage | Swedish Massage | Light Therapeutic Massage | Gua Sha| |Cupping| Sports Massage | Craniosacral Massage| Viceral Massage | Orthopedic Massage | Pregnancy / Pre natal Massage | Neuromuscular Re-education | Jaw Pain (TMJD) | Cupping | Hot Stone Therapy | Meridian Massage | Shiatsu| Reiki | Reflexology  |Concussion| |Acupuncture| Naturopathy | Osteopath |

Our Approach


We listen, understand, and assess your areas of pain - working with your doctor, physiotherapist, chiropractor, and personal trainer to create a holistic treatment plan.


Based on our thorough assessment we'll figure out which of the 10+ massage  and/or acupuncture techniques best suit you.


We will not only provide you massage and acupuncture treatment but also teach you how to have a sustainable, pain-free life.

Results Oriented

We will follow your progress and ensure that the source of your pain is being addressed, adjusting your treatment, as needed, to ensure that you achieve your goals.


Heather is an exceptional Massage therapist.  I have been seeing her for over a year.  She is able to work with my tender areas and adjust her pressure and work deeper in areas that can take the pressure.  I am happy with the results and will continue to see her!  


Thanks to Ramona, my 5 day headache is gone today and I don't have as much tension in my neck!  


Amita was very professional and took the time to understand what my concerns were and then to provide a treatment plan that addressed those concerns. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.


What an amazing wellness centre.  Fran is beyond professional and knowledgeable in her field.  I had a relaxing massage and felt like a million bucks afterwards.  Thank you for an awesome experience Arnica Wellness!


I have been seeing Amita as for massage therapy for about 2 years now, and was very excited to find out she was opening her own clinic. From the minute you walk into Arnica, you can tell it's a place that is very focused on wellness and health.


Being a health professional during the span of my career have tried several RMT's however my experience of massage with Amita at Arnica wellness has been uniquely superb.